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Oregon Bar Exam Information

Oregon Bar Exam Format

The Oregon bar exam is a two-day bar examination.  On the first day of the Oregon bar exam, the bar examiners administer six essay questions and two MPT questions.  The six essay questions may either come from the Multistate Essay Exam or be drafted by the Oregon bar examiners. On the second day of the Oregon bar exam, the examiners administer the Multistate Bar Exam.  AmeriBar prepares you for the Oregon bar exam with a complete Oregon Bar Review Course.  AmeriBar’s Oregon Bar Review Course starts at only $995.

The Oregon bar exam is a grueling exam that tests you physically, intellectually, and emotionally.  You need to develop a plan that maximizes preparation time.  Your plan must address your individual circumstances.

Oregon State Bar Examiners

16037 SW Upper Boones Ferry Rd
P.O. Box 231935
Tigard, OR 97281-1935
Telephone: (503) 620-0222

Oregon Bar Exam Dates


February 23-24
July 26-27
Bar Review Course

AmeriBar Oregon Student Comments

Oregon Bar Exam Scoring

The MBE counts for 50% of your score on the Oregon bar exam.  The essays count for 25% of your score on the Oregon bar exam.  The MPT questions also count for 25% of your score.

Oregon Bar Exam MPRE Requirements

In order to pass the Oregon bar exam, an examinee must score an 85 on the MPRE.  AmeriBar can help you pass the MPRE portion of the Oregon bar exam with AmeriBar’s Free MPRE Review Course.

Oregon Bar Exam Pass Percentage – All Applicants

Exam Date First Timer Repeat Takers Total
February 2015 69% 57% 64%
July 2014 71% 23% 65%
February 2014 80% 42% 66%
July 2013 81% 36% 75%
February 2013 77% 57% 69%
July 2012 82% 22% 73%
February 2012 79% 53% 72%
July 2011 79% n/a 72%
February 2011 76% 45% 61%
July 2010 75% 35% 70%
February 2010 75% 52% 63%
July 2009 77% 25% 71%
February 2009 74% 55% 66%
July 2008 81% 34% 74%
February 2008 71% 55% 64%
July 2007 81% 27% 74%
February 2007 82% 68% 75%
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